The Full Schabas Commission Report

Today, June 22, 2015, the U.N. released the full Schabas Commission report. It appears here.  As feared and expected, the report is flawed by anti-Israel bias – which is rife and readily apparent in the Commission’s own description of its findings. For instance, the commission’s questions and answers on the report note:

The most important characteristics of the 2014 hostilities, which reflect new patterns, include:

  • Attacks by Israel on residential buildings resulting in the deaths of entire families.
  • Israel’s ground operations which levelled urban neighbourhoods
  • Increased firing of rockets and mortars towards Israel by Palestinian armed groups and their use of attack tunnels.

However, anyone with a modicum of sense knows that:

  • Israel made consistent efforts unprecedented in modern urban warfare to avoid the deaths of civilians
  • Israel put its own troops at risk in ground operations precisely to minimize the possibility of unnecessary destruction to neighborhoods and structures that were exclusively residential.
  • The thousands of rockets and mortars fired by Palestinian armed groups and their attack tunnels were not aimed at “Israel”, but specifically at Israeli civilians.




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